Nutrition is Important to Us

As an experienced food service provider, we know how important nutrition is. We offer healthy options giving the opportunity to create great eating habits at any stage in life. Lessing's will cater to the special dietary needs including food allergies, gluten free, vegan, and vegetarian meals.

Our Nutritionist - Lisa Suriano

Lisa Suriano is a certified nutritionist holding a Master's degree in Nutrition and Food Science and specializing in school food service. She worked as both Director of Operations and Team Nutritionist for New York City based private school and corporate food service companies since 2005. Lisa founded a national nutrition education program, Veggiecation that introduces 1000s of American children to the delicious world of vegetables.

As a school food service expert, Lisa is on the board of directors as Secretary of the New York Coalition for Healthy School Food, a non-profit that works in partnership with New York City's Department of SchoolFood to improve the health of New York state students. Additionally, she consults for business and college level foods service programs, providing menu advisement and sports nutrition guidance for university athletics teams.

Lisa has been featured in a selection of national and regional media, including traditional print and broadcast as well as online news and social media outlets. Featured broadcast segments include NBC Weekend Today in New York and WPIX Morning News, where Lisa shared with viewers healthy, vegetarian recipes and discussed how viewers can incorporate healthy food choices into their diets. Lisa has also made broadcast appearances on The Wendy Williams Show, News 12 Brooklyn, News 12 New Jersey and New York.


Lessing's has been in the food service and hospitality business for over 120 years. Our business is successful because we believe in using the best products and brands. Our standards are second to none when it comes to quality.

Lessing's adheres to the following grading requirements for all graded cuts:

  • Beef, Lamb, and Veal shall be USDA Grade Choice
  • Poultry (fresh and frozen) shall be USDA Grade A
  • Provisions or variety meats shall be USDA Grade #1
  • Fresh fish and seafood shall be top grade; frozen fish and seafood must be a nationally distributed brand, packed under continuous inspection of the U.S Department of the Interior

Produce & Dry Goods:

  • Eggs - fresh USDA or stated "AA"
  • Fresh fruits and vegetables - USDA fancy to USDA number "1" are used for all graded fresh vegetables and fruit
  • Dry stored items and canned goods - Grade "A" fancy
  • Frozen fruits and vegetables - USDA Grade "A"


As a family business, we are committed to helping preserve our world for our children. Lessing's is constantly finding new and better ways to manage waste and create more efficient systems of operations through training and education. This all starts with the management team and is a passed down throughout our staff.

Lessing's supports local business in all of its regions. Wherever possible we buy fresh, seasonal produce that is healthier and more sustainable. We also continue to create new and better ways to reduce our carbon footprint, one example is by ordering smarter and reducing the amount of deliveries from our vendors on a weekly basis.